eLiquids and Testing

e-Liquids and Testing

What is special about Freedom’s e-Liquid Labs?

1. Freedom’s Labs are GMP and ISO compliant. All formulations are done in the United States
2. Our nicotine levels are verified by our internal laboratory employing a state of the art High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC). An Accredited 3rd party lab additionally tests the product for purity and ensures that there are no unwanted chemicals or by-products (e.g. nitrosamines).
3. We provide Lot Number traceability in our Quality Program. All of our products are traceable back to our suppliers and their original provided Certificate of Analysis.
4. Our base mix is comprised of USP Grade, Kosher materials that allows you to market anywhere in the world. Our glycerin is made from Malaysian Palm, so tree and peanut allergies are never an issue!
5. We use only greater than 99%+ purity EU and US Pharmacopeia levorotatory nicotine in our formulas.
6. We have very special and unique formulas designed to individual client specifications, and we provide Certificates of Analysis from independent, third party laboratories
7. All our formulas are made fresh to order by world class technical professionals. Our products are never premade or warehoused.

We have every batch tested for nicotine content and overall e-liquid purity at an accredited U.S. based laboratory.