Freedom has a variety of products that we have developed since we started in 2008. Whether you need disposables, rechargeable, cartridge refills or Personal Vaporizers, Freedom has the right solution for you.

MADE IN THE USA With Domestic & Imported Parts. E-Liquid Made in the US.


Standard sizes range from 86 mm to 117mm. Soft tip or stainless.  Custom sizes and designs are also available. Freedom’s Standard sizes include:


Diameter Length Battery Mouth Tip
8.6mm 86mm 160MAH Soft
86a 86b 86c



Diameter Length Battery Mouth Tip
9.5mm 117mm 280MAH Soft
vibe vibe_b


Vibe Slim

Diameter Length Battery Mouth Tip
7.8mm 117mm 280MAH Soft
vibeSlima videSlimb


The 111

Diameter Length Battery Mouth Tip
9.2mm 111mm 180MAH Soft
102a 102b


The 102

Diameter Length Battery Mouth Tip
7.8mm 102mm 120MAH Soft
102a 102b


Freedom’s patent pending soft tip technology™, ensures that the mouth tip doesn’t pop off and the unit doesn’t leak, which is a common problem with soft tip disposables. Freedom’s automated assembly process includes a curing tunnel where the mouth tip gets fused to the poly carbonate tube – virtually becoming one piece.




Mouth Tip
standard a standard b



Mouth Tip

A Freedom rechargeable is a nice upgrade for those that have tried the disposable. What’s unique to the Industry is that Freedom allows for an identical vaping experience with the rechargeable, for those soft tip disposable converters.  Freedom’s soft tip cartomizer makes the transition from disposable to rechargeable an easy and consistent one for your customers.

If you prefer hard cartomizers or currently market stainless steel cartomizers (and want us to duplicate the product for you), those too are readily available.


Battery with USB Charger


Standard Battery

Diameter Length Battery
9.2mm 67.5mm 180MAH
standard battery a standard battery b


Mini Battery

Diameter Length Battery
7.6mm 54mm 90MAH
mini battery a mini battery b





Hard Cart

Diameter Length
9.2mm 35.5mm
hard cart


Soft Cart

Diameter Length
9.2mm 35.5mm
soft cart


Mini Cart

Diameter Length
8.0mm 34mm
mini cart


eCig Charger

charger3 charger 2 charger 1


Whatever your needs are, Freedom can meet them. Whether it’s a unique design for a soft tip, a themed design (fall, winter), a unique feature for your personal vaporizer, Freedom’s engineers can create the perfect unique design.




iGo2 a iGo2 b iGo2 c