Quality Control

Quality and Consistency are key to the customer experience.

Component/Assembly QC

To ensure that only quality products are manufactured and shipped, Freedom Smokeless utilizes several quality inspection steps throughout the life cycle of the product.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – Supplier Level

  • Supplier Qualifications
  • Freedom’s Product Development Management team consists of experienced quality engineers and ISO certified auditors that execute a multi-step process for both domestic and off shore suppliers.
  • The process consists of sample product evaluations for both quality and performance, factory site audits and reference checks.

  • QUALITY CONTROL – Supplier Level

  • Freedom’s quality inspections don’t stop once the supplier is selected.
  • By partnering with well-known and respected quality inspection services companies, Freedom continues to monitor raw materials at the supplier tracing the materials from receipt through manufacturing and ready for shipment to the US.
  • Before any shipment leaves a supplier’s facility, samples of the raw good, WIP and finished subassemblies are obtained and sent to Freedom for evaluation and inspection.
  • Once the samples are determined to meet the established standards, the supplier is then notified that the order is released to the next step in the manufacturing process.


  • Once the raw materials and subassemblies are received at Freedom, the inspection process starts all over again with incoming inspections to appropriate AQL levels based on the volume of material.

  • QUALITY CONTROL – Final Assembly

  • Once in production, every filled disposable and cartridge refill is tested for functionality through our automated manufacturing process. Any failures are automatically rejected.
  • In addition to the automated testing, production samples are taken from the manufacturing line throughout the process and tested by Freedom’s Quality team to identify any potential failures BEFORE the product leaves Freedom.

  • Our automation has QC controls built into the production line. For the disposables:
    • A high speed camera confirms that a fusion has taken place with our mouth tip and the PC tube
    • A pressure test is performed
    • An LED light test is done
    • A puff test is conducted to ensure that the e-cig is vaping properly
    • If any of the QC tests fail, the e-cig is rejected

E-Liquid QC

We test each batch of e-liquid at an Independent Accredited 3rd Party Lab using a protocol that we developed (and has been adopted by several e-cig companies and e-cig groups as a standard). This ensures purity, safety and consistency of the e-liquid.

Packaging/Printing QC

To the appropriate AQL level, samples are procured from the packaging line and inspected by Freedom’s Quality Control Team. Samples are inspected for printing quality, color match, packaging completeness and product placement. After the samples pass inspection, the production run is released and samples are maintained by Freedom for a 3-year period of time.